How To Pick The Right Window Coverings ​

Ask Yourself These Questions: 
What are your window covering needs?
Do you need privacy? If so, what degree?
Do you like blinds which you can rotate open or closed?
Do you like roman shades which you can raise or lower?
Can you get away with a sheer, or do you need room darkening, or do you need something that will black out?
What about energy efficiency?
Do your windows face north, south, east, or west? 
Do you use your windows for ventilation?
Do you want to block out or enhance your view from the window?
What kind of access do you need to clean your window?
What type of control would best suit you?
​Do you need motorization?
Are there any security wires, etc., cranks, air conditioners, or heaters affecting installation of the product in the place you want it to go? 
​Are there any obstacles on the wall, window or trim which you should look out for, including light switches, crown mouldings, beams, chair rails, built-in cabinets?
If there are both windows and doors in the room are you able to put the same treatment on all of them?
Are there children or pets either visiting or living in the home?



Ask Yourself These Questions:
What style is your home?

Is your home casual or elegant? 
What mood do you want to achieve? 
What window covering will suit your room size the best?
If there is more than one window in the room are they all the same size and shape? 
Should the window treatments be used to alter the size of the window? 
Do you want your window coverings to be a focal point in the room? 
Are you going to be decorating the whole room or just replacing the existing window coverings? 
If you are starting to decorate with a clean slate what are your plans for other furnishings in the room? 
What colours, textures, and designs are presently being used in the room?
What can the new window fashions add to your scheme?

​After you have answered these questions you should be in a good position to choose a window covering that will satisfy all your needs because you have narrowed down the many options available to you.